The Wedding Ring – Past, Present, and Future

Wedding Rings

A sign of mutual affection and devotion!

One of the most exciting moments in the life of a woman in love – if Hollywood is to be believed – will likely include The Moment. The Moment where The Man of her life approaches her (on bent knee, with rose in mouth, when staring at Orion Belt, etc), pops The Question, and presents The Ring.

But have you ever wondered, “Why a ring?”

Seen as a symbol of love and commitment by many, the exchanging of rings in wedding ceremonies has come to be a quintessential part of the event. The wedding ring is different from the engagement ring, the latter being a promise to marry and usually sought for and bought by the groom alone. Wedding rings, however, are usually chosen and bought by the couple together. After all, this will be the band that they will be wearing proudly on their fingers for the rest of their lives, and they will certainly want to get something that’s perfect for the both of them!

While there are conflicting views as to the origin and symbolism of wedding rings, the idea of a wedding or engagement ring is by no means modern. The ancient Egyptians used it. As did the ancients Jews, Romans, and Greeks! Such rings were usually treated as a symbol of the bride’s legal bond to her groom in the eyes of the community. A reference (see Wedding Planners Singapore) work even states that they were at one point of time used to make agreements. In a similar vein, today, this timeless accessory is viewed by many people as an indication of the wearer’s marriage status. No one can say for sure when the ring made the jump from ancient custom to modern tradition, but the transition has been made, and the wedding ring is indeed here to stay.

Since it looks like there is no escaping The Ring, both bride and groom should take time to discuss and consider each other’s personal preferences, as well as how much they are willing to invest in the bands. There are also couples who may choose not to have wedding rings, and there is nothing wrong with that, really.

Make no mistake, however, that the wedding ring is but a symbol of the start of your life together and certainly no magical charm that will ensure a happily-ever-after. You’ve carefully made that decision to go through thick and thin as one, so now grow old and satisfied together! If you need more information on wedding traditions and customs, it will be a good idea to look up your local wedding planner or consultant. Naturally, you can also check with your elders or relatives for details on wedding rings and such.

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