Wedding Favour Origins and Original Ideas

Some of the things we have come to expect during weddings are: a beautiful bride, a gushing groom, fantastic food, and a small wedding favour. Not that we as guests do something as a favour to the couple getting wed. On the contrary, this refers to the gift that most couples carefully prepare for their guests as a token of appreciation of our being there to share in their special day.

The custom of giving wedding guests a souvenir to take home is an old one, with many sources pointing to an origin in European nobility. Known as a bonbonniere (or bomboniere in Italian, which means ‘sweet box’) back then, couples would place cubes of sugar or small confectionery into boxes made of valuable material like crystal or porcelain and present them to their guests.

Those items symbolised wealth and prestige, as suger was a rare commodity, and needless to say, crystal boxes weren’t exactly easy to come by. Therefore, it was not until the price of sugar came down that this practice spread to the common folk, gaining popularity from there and eventually developing into the modern tradition of wedding favours we are so familiar with now.

That said, your wedding favour need not necessarily be elaborate or expensive to be memorable. While confectionary is still one of the more popular items given away nowadays, some of the unusual wedding favours I remember receiving include glass coffee stirrers, clay figurines, and even a little bottle of honey decorated with wings and a message of gratitude from the couple themselves.

Interesting and original wedding favours

Glass coffee stirrers and clay figures!

If you have a theme to your wedding, it may be nice to consider a wedding favour that goes along with it. Otherwise, anything goes, really. Convention is cool, but so is creativity! Keep your budget modest, but let your imagination run wild. Nothing says “thank you” like a gift with a personal touch!

Some couples give out wedding favours when guests sign the guestbooks. Others may offer them as doorgifts. Still others simply leave the wedding favours on a table for the guests to help themselves to when passing by, taking into consideration that not all guests may want to have one (refer to Wedding Malaysia). Whatever the method, you can be assured that your guests will appreciate any effort you put into choosing and preparing the gift for them, and your special day will be fondly remembered by them for many years to come!

Original Wedding Favour Ideas

Want something original for your wedding favour but can’t seem to come up with the right ideas? Perhaps the following guidelines can jog your creativity cells a bit!

1) Something edible
Sweets, snacks, cakes, and confectionery. Sometimes it seems like people expect to receive something sweet and edible for a wedding favour. But why not surprise them with the unexpected? Is there a local snack or two that is bound to delight everyone? Is it possible to shape the food into special patterns? Write something on it with icing? Wrap it in something interesting or personalised?

2) Something practical
It may be difficult to come up with a present that is practical for everyone, considering wedding guests usually consist of the young, the old, and all the others that fall somewhere in between. A common practical gift is the photo frame. Instead of buying, however, is it possible to make some from art materials, scrapbook style? Or if you do buy, can you perhaps decorate them to add some style to it? Almost everyone has a mobile phone nowadays, so a handy phone pouch may be a nice item to consider as well. If you just put your mind to it, you could probably come up with even more!

3) Something memorable
Imagine a small, clear bottle filled with colourful sand or flower petals. Or a corsage arranged with blossoms that imply gratitude in the language of flowers. These things add vividness to decor and will likely be appreciated by your guests despite being neither edible nor completely practical.

Feel free to browse through the catalogues of online stores offering custom-made wedding favours to see what’s in vogue! Perhaps you will find something you particularly like, and can make with your own materials! Who knows, an original idea might even strike you as you look through the list of favours. If you are out of ideas, you could always look up one of many Singapore wedding planners.

Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration with this little article that can brighten up your wedding day both for you and your guests!

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