“And They Lived Happily Ever After!”

A royal wedding often conjures up the image of a lavish feast taking place at the end of a children’s fairytale – where the prince and princess wed each other in an elaborate ceremony that is celebrated by the entire kingdom.

And that is exactly what will be happening this year, 2011, on April 29th. On this day, Prince William of the United Kingdoms will wed Kate Middleton, his longtime sweetheart.

More than just a British affair, people from all around the globe have their eyes on the event. It’s just like something straight out of the fairytales – a prince marrying the woman he loves, despite the fact that she is a commoner in the eyes of the aristocracy – and we all know how much appeal fairytales have regardless of time and location. In these hard economic times, everybody’s looking for a bit of fluff. And what can be more romantic than an elaborate festival celebrating the union of two people in love – one of them true-blue royalty to boot?

In terms of the economy, the royal wedding of 2011 will surely give the British economy a much appreciated boost. Already, retailers are rushing to sell clothing, rings, and various paraphernalia that imitate what the original royals are wearing to everyone clamouring to be a part of the royal wedding – however small it may be. The wedding is also saving the traditional china trade, as the royal family’s art collection Royal Collection is producing a three-piece china set in commemoration of the wedding. Each piece is handmade using traditional methods more than 200 years old!

Everyone – from the authorities to the citizens – is going the extra mile to accomodate the event. The transport secretary has announced the scrapping of guidelines for special occasions like street parties to facilitate local communities intending to hold Royal Wedding Street Festivals during the joyous day. Countless Londoners will be leasing their rooms out for those who will be journeying to London to attend the wedding personally.

The wedding will be one of the biggest celebrations for the people of the UK for a long time to come, and it is no wonder that everyone there is getting excited about it!

Westminster Abbey, where the 2011 royal wedding will be held.

Interestingly, Prince William’s parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana tied the knot almost exactly 30 years ago, on July 29, 1981 at St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the event was broadcast to a global audience of 750 million (Princess Diana’s wedding dress had a train that was 25 feet long!). In contrast, Prince Williams and Miss Middleton will wed at Westminster Abbey. Both the wedding days were declared to be holidays. Hordes of people – around 600,000 to be exact – crowded the streets of London for a glimpse of the royal wedding back then. Whether that number will be matched for the wedding this round remains to be seen.

Interest remains high around the internet from people of all nations for the royal wedding. With the advancement of technology and online social networks, information nowadays is dispersed faster than the twinkling of an eye. It is hard not to feel a little hyped up when the people in your social ring gush about the royal wedding. Yet a historian has declared that the royal wedding this time will not have the same iconic impact as the one in 1981. 30 years has passed since then, and the society has morphed as well, so while the allure is still there, things just aren’t the same anymore.

Only time will tell whether or not the man has spoken true words. As for a plebeian like me, well, a wedding – any wedding, royal or not – is a happy occasion, and my best wishes go to the newlyweds. The journey has just started, so don’t get too tired from your first step!

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