Putting “Through Thick and Thin” to the Test

A heartwarming tale or two of survival in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds often warm our hearts and brighten our days. Although the recent surge in natural disasters has put a damper on the mood of the world somewhat, stories of the survivors’ remarkable resilience are still rising to the forefront, cheering us up every time we hear of one.

I noted with interest an article in a local newspaper just the other day about an engaged couple who almost lost each other to the earthquake at Christchurch in New Zealand. Surviving against the odds, they eventually wed each other as planned. Well, probably not right down to the last details of their original plan, but they sure did improvise – and the occasion turned out to be as joyous as it would have been either ways.

That couple featured on the paper was probably not the only couple that have had to either move their wedding plans forward or backwards because of an unforeseen catastrophe. What a challenge it must have been for them to arrange for the marriage to proceed while still picking up the pieces. If you have ever planned or managed a project, you’ll likely agree that one of the worst nightmares is encountering a major hiccup right before the final delivery of said plan or project. And when that plan or project just so happens to be your own wedding, then boy, does it become personal or what!

It’s hard enough to get things rolling with months of advanced planning. Ensuring that a wedding takes place as planned in the aftermath of a disaster will surely test the skills of the most experienced of wedding planners. For one, what if the original location is no longer accessible? Communication networks are often the first to be brought down, as hordes of people try to contact relatives and friends to be reassured of their safety. What can be done if a planner has to contact all their vendors to update them on the status of the wedding? And what about the guests?

At a glance, arranging for a wedding with everything seemingly working against you may not seem very possible. But people have succeeded, and more are probably still succeeding even now. More than just falling back on contingency plans, improvising for a wedding this way becomes a labour of true love and a testimony of what can be achieved when sheer determination is coupled with some creative thinking.

The indomitable spirit of all couples that have overcome even forces of nature will surely carry into their marital life, and I wish them every success for whatever challenge they may yet face!

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