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On Why I Feel Dowries And Bride Prices Should Be Done Away With

On a home movie viewing session with my friends the other day, I gaped at a scene where a forlorn and impoverished woman could not marry because the groom’s family had demanded a car as dowry. More towards reality, I … Continue reading

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The Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

An elderly couple take their seats, and a younger couple kneel before them. A tray is presented, two small cups of tea on top. The younger man takes a cup and offers it to the elderly man first, then the … Continue reading

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Wedding Cakes – How and Why

When it comes to modern wedding traditions, the wedding cake in all its multi-layered, icing-encrusted glory is a relative newcomer. Considering sugar paste icing and cake pillar supports were all ideas of the 18th century and beyond, it is not … Continue reading

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Wedding Favour Origins and Original Ideas

Some of the things we have come to expect during weddings are: a beautiful bride, a gushing groom, fantastic food, and a small wedding favour. Not that we as guests do something as a favour to the couple getting wed. … Continue reading

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The Wedding Ring – Past, Present, and Future

One of the most exciting moments in the life of a woman in love – if Hollywood is to be believed – will likely include The Moment. The Moment where The Man of her life approaches her (on bent knee, … Continue reading

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